Our Story

EarthBites was founded by the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. in 2007 in order to help connect kids with their food. At Rocky Mountain Flatbread, we believe teaching future generations about local food growth & nutrition is essential to creating sustainable food systems.

Over the years, Rocky Mountain Flatbread has built a dedicated team of urban growers, nutritionists & entrepreneurs passionate about engaging children directly with the food they eat, their communities & the environment. The team offers a variety of fun & engaging workshops, teaching students of all ages to grow, eat & craft with the seasons. Students also learn to lead and co-ordinate school-wide pocket markets; a program which allows them to gain invaluable entrepreneurial skills and raise funds to sustain their school gardens.

Going forward, remarkable chefs and urban farmers from across Vancouver have joined the mission of connecting kids with their food. They are hosting informative cooking & gardening classes for ADULTS. 100% of profits will go to EarthBites, allowing even more kids to participate in these fun & innovative programs.

Currently, EarthBites is partnering with five schools in Vancouver: Trafalgar Elementary School, Kitchener Elementary School, Edith Cavell Elementary School, Laurier Elementary School & Quilchena Elementary School.

In Canmore, EarthBites partners with Canmore Community Gardens, funding two school farms on the rooftop gardens of Canmore Collegiate High School & Laurence Grassi Elementary School. In the first season, 780 lbs. of produce were grown, harvested and sold at the local farmers market. Too awesome!

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Meet Our Educators

Brendan Young

Brendan is a Holistic Registered Nutritionist. Drawing from his roots in organic gardening and farming, Brendan has been working as the nutritional coordinator for EarthBites since 2011. Brendan connects with over a thousand children a year, teaching them how to grow their own healthy foods which they learn how to turn into yummy snacks.

Michelle Swatton

Michelle is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist working as a Nutrition Facilitator with EarthBites. Michelle’s background as a Registered Nurse, Triathlon Coach and Pilates Instructor has given her a solid understanding of how nutrition can have a profound effect on our health and wellbeing as well as our athletic performance.

Michelle gets great satisfaction out of watching children turn up their noses when asked to eat fresh kale from their garden before realizing they actually like it!

Krista Levesque

Krista is dedicated to bringing whole systems thinking to schools through experiential learning in an outdoor classroom environment. After practicing as a Chartered Accountant for 20 years she was drawn into the world of Permaculture in 2011 and is currently working towards her Diploma.

Krista gives kids the freedom to explore bugs, taste weeds, get dirty and discover connections between the food they eat and their school garden.

Lori Synder

Lori is an indigenous and contemporary First Nations Metis Herbalist. She loves to teach kids the wonder of what is growing under their feet.